THE STONE COIN buys 22 residential units in Germany

We were quite surprised of the great resonance THE STONE COIN received, and we are very satisfied with the results of our initial funding rounds. THE STONE COIN has not only reached its soft cap much earlier than originally expected, but also clearly outperformed. The token was received very well in the market. Accordingly, the development of the international real estate portfolio, THE STONE COIN’s REAL SHIELD was prematurely started.

The REAL SHIELD aims at the long-term existence of the company and thus also of the acceptance point network at the PoS for the payment token. To this end, the net capital raised by issuing THE STONE COIN will be fully invested in the development of a sustainable European real estate portfolio.

On July 10 came the starting signal: The STONE COIN AG has acquired 22 residential units on the Weissenburgerstrasse in Recklinghausen near Dortmund (Germany) at excellent conditions. There are four apartment buildings with a total of twenty-two 3-room apartments. The buildings are massive brick buildings in good condition. The objects are located in a quiet and pleasant residential area. This ensures full letting of the properties even if the German rental market changes.

Currently, two more properties are being negotiated at locations in Germany, which could soon complement the portfolio. This website will provide timely information on the development of the real estate portfolio.