The pillars of the STONE COIN

The STONE OIN is a sustainable, serious and future-oriented payment token that is entering the market with an effective REAL SHIELD.


The STONE COIN is a blockchain-based payment token (= Currency Token).

As a classic ERC20-Token the STONE COIN provides the option to be used for crypto payments in correspondent transactions. The token does not grant any further rights to its owner.

Currently points of acceptance are being qualified and selected that will accept the STONE COIN as means of payment.


In August 2018, the responsible supervisory authority FMA (regulator) classified the STONE COIN as a pure payment token which doesn’t require any formal approval. Therefore the STONE COIN is neither considered as a security token nor as an asset (backed) token.

With the Liechtenstein Law on Token and Trust Technology Service Providers (TVTG), which was issued on 2 December 2019 and whose transition period expired on 31 December 2020, the frame conditions for cryptocurrencies have changed significantly. The STONE COIN may only be issued under considerable restrictions. Since we cannot meet these requirements (too expensive) the emission was stopped.

Nevertheless THE STONE COIN continues to exist in the market and is tradable.


The number of STONE COIN to be issued is fixed at one billion tokens.

There will be no further mining beyond the original one billion tokens.

All tokens will be introduced into the market.

This ensures that the value of the REAL SHIELD will not be diluted by a later increase of the total amount of tokens.


When directly ordered from THE STONE COIN AG, STONE COIN can be transferred to an online wallet defined by the buyer as well as obtained in a physical wallet – the STONE COIN WALLET.

The STONE COIN WALLET is an uncomplicated offline wallet with the option to store the STONE COIN offline.

Only the owner of the STONE COIN WALLET decides at what point of time he transfers the STONE COIN into another wallet.