The pillars of the STONE COIN

The STONE OIN is a sustainable, serious and future-oriented payment token that is entering the market with an effective REAL SHIELD.


The STONE COIN is a blockchain-based payment token (= Currency Token).

As a classic ERC20-Token the STONE COIN provides the option to be used for crypto payments in correspondent transactions. The token does not grant any further rights to its owner.

Currently points of acceptance are being qualified and selected that will accept the STONE COIN as means of payment.

The REAL SHIELD ensures the installation and permanent operation of the network of points of acceptance. THE STONE COIN AG guarantees the ongoing operation of the acceptance point network.


The responsible supervisory authority FMA (regulator) classifies the STONE COIN without any restrictions as a pure payment token which doesn’t require any formal approval. Therefore the STONE COIN is neither considered as a security token nor as an asset (backed) token.

The responsible supervisory authority of Liechtenstein, the FMA, is responsible for the enforcement and supervision of the special laws listed in Art. 5 para. 1 FMAG (Finanzmarktaufsichtsgesetz / Financial Market Supervision Act). According to the confirmation on hand by the FMA, the emission and the sales of STONE COIN as well as the operation of the payment respectively acceptance points network for the STONE COIN are not subject of any of these special laws. The STONE COIN can thus be issued, sold and used as a means of payment.

THE STONE COIN AG complies with all the relevant legal requirements. At the emission of the STONE COIN, both the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Act (Sorgfaltspfichtgesetz SPG) and the Swiss Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschereigesetz (GwG)) as well as the Know Your Customer Principle (KYC) will be strictly respected.


The number of STONE COIN to be issued is fixed at one billion tokens.

There will be no further mining beyond the original one billion tokens.

All tokens will be introduced into the market.

This ensures that the value of the REAL SHIELD will not be diluted by a later increase of the total amount of tokens.


The listing of the STONE COIN on relevant crypto exchanges and crypto market places offers the token owners the opportunity to participate in the market development and performance of the STONE COIN (chart development).

Beyond that the listing on crypto exchanges gives STONE COIN owners a liquidity option on short notice by selling the STONE COIN.


The net funds (= after costs and taxes) raised by the emission will be invested in the development of a substantial European real estate portfolio – taking into account international opportunities.

The STONE COIN therefore has an effective REAL SHIELD that permanently ensures the existence of the company, of the token system and of the network of acceptance points.

The REAL SHIELD is safe. Token owners cannot access neither directly nor indirectly the real estate portfolio nor its returns. Token owners do not possess any rights to the real estate portfolio and its returns. 


The build-up of the real estate portfolio, which starts in
September of 2019 at the latest, will be permanently
documented on the homepage of THE STONE COIN AG.

This gives a direct and always current view at the development
and the extent of the REAL SHIELD.


The net earnings from the real estate investments belong to THE STONE COIN AG and will be completely retained and re-invested for a permanent increase of the REAL SHIELD.

Additionally, professional asset management and an opportunity-oriented investment strategy pursue a steady increase of the REAL SHIELD.


At the latest after the acquisition of the real estate portfolio is completed (as of June 2022) it is planned to offer the shares of THE STONE COIN AG on the market.

In exchange for the shares, FIAT currencies and – as long as the then relevant legal regulations will allow it – payment tokens (and among those the STONE COIN) will be accepted.

Then the token owners can use their STONE COIN to directly participate in the European real estate portfolio.


The innovative STONE COIN offers the option to participate in the potentials of a crypto token.

The real estate portfolio’s earnings ensure the ongoing existence of the company and therefore the permanence of the network of points of acceptance for the payment token.


When directly ordered from THE STONE COIN AG, STONE COIN can be transferred to an online wallet defined by the buyer as well as obtained in a physical wallet – the STONE COIN WALLET.

The STONE COIN WALLET is an uncomplicated offline wallet with the option to store the STONE COIN offline.

Only the owner of the STONE COIN WALLET decides at what point of time he transfers the STONE COIN into another wallet.


The THE STONE COIN mobile wallet with all functions for storing, receiving and sending THE STONE COIN (STO) is already available in the Android version. The IOS version for the iPhone is currently still being programmed.

With our own cell phone wallet, easy mobile payment and reception of THE STONE COIN is possible at any time and anywhere.


At the end of May 2019 starts the innovative, independent NGO crypto donation portal Real World Inspired. Real World Inspire is launching a worldwide fundraising revolution.

To date, projects and initiatives in developing countries have depended on the project decisions of their international partner organizations. Complicated financial flows and high commissions on money transfers and donations meant that often up to 50% of the donations did not arrive at the project. On the crypto donation portal, NGOs can address a broad public. Donations are in crypto currency and will be credited directly to the NGO’s accounts.

The organizers of Real World Inspire have chosen THE STONE COIN as the key currency of  the donation portal.